Online Travel Agencies

Business is defined as an organization that is involved in the trade of goods or services. It may be started with the primary objective of making money, commonly known as profit business or it may be beginning with a goal of extending services to the people and not making the profit, also known as a not-for-profit organization. A travel agency, on the other hand, is known as a private or public service organization that extends travel and tours services to people.

Business today is more like an online travel agency. Unlike in the past when you had to use a bus or plane that would spend days on the way to go and trade goods in other countries, you just need an internet enabled device like a PC or a smartphone today, and you start conducting your business in just a minute and anywhere. It can be from home, workplace or even when traveling. We also have what is known as online trading or e-commerce where you just make an online order by sending an email, send the money electronically and then get what you want without buying the air ticket. This conducting business has made it accessible for trade to take place that is why it is sometimes referred to as an online travel agency. Online business is growing fast in the developing world as the entrepreneurs need the easiest way of doing business.

Online business has advantages like saving time and money, quick transaction making, faster way of extending the customer base; it is not tiresome compared to the ordinary way of doing business. However, it has turned out to be one of the major areas where people lose lots of money from. Many con-men use it to get money for their self-interests. Hackers, scammers all take this opportunity to steal people’s money. Many online businesses have come up and only to close after a year of operation, and many ghost companies are coming up every day. Many situations have happened, like sending money after making an order, and then you never hear from the seller again, or you are instead given a fake or the different item. It has made most people to lose trust in online businesses. However, despite all the disadvantages of online business, it is still the quickest way of conducting business today and has saved many people significant sums of money that would be spent on paying for travel services, accommodation and even avoiding thieves like the highway robbers, plane hijackers. What is required is complete training and sensitization of people on how to use it so as to avoid being conned of their money. It can be through the government ICT programs, private-sector programs and even institutions that can teach the whole meaning of online business to the people.

In conclusion, business today is referred to as an online travel agency because it extends services to people at anytime and anywhere. It is sometimes referred to as business in one place.

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Big Data

Travel agencies use big data to battle OTA’s

Big data transforms travel industry!

When planning your vacation there are few things that you need to consider. First of all, you need to make sure your budget is high enough to cover every cost that might appear as well as having some extra money on your credit card for “just in case,” moments. After that is planned and taken care of, it is imperative to know what you will be packing and make sure you haven’t forgotten anything. Then, onward to your favorite booking agency.

Of course there is always the option to book a flight and even make reservations online, without ever having to leave the comfort of your own house. You may not know it but the battle between regular booking agencies and online booking agencies is a fierce and ongoing one. Online booking engines are many and rarely offer better prices or discounts than going to an office and planning your vacation there. But in fact, contrary to the popular belief, travel agency offices offer better rates and ties to customers.

In order to combat the online medium, travel agencies have began to develop their own in-house software in order to increase their clientele. The main difference between online travel agencies and regular ones is time. While usually choosing a regular travel agent takes some amount of time before everything is planned, going online makes everything happen in a matter of minutes. However, there are some things that online booking agencies cannot do.

When you go online you are the one that makes every choice. And whether you know it or not, your choice might not be the best for you. Here is where travel agents come in. Travel agents work in regular agencies and they can not only direct you to the best offer but also help solve problems such as dealing with hotel employees as well as offering a number of special services for those of you that travel for business instead of pleasure. They can provide you room upgrades if there is a dissatisfaction which online travel agencies cannot promise.

However, if you don’t mind doing a fair bit of research you can indeed be your own travel agent and take care of anything that may arise. With good information sources and a lot of internet research, online booking can be used in just about the same way that regular booking agencies are. Except you won’t be getting any help besides customer support.

Searching the web for online booking search engines will take you to a number of websites, each promising to offer the best deals and to cater to your every desire. While you might be inclined to choose the first one you see, keep in mind that you might find a better one by comparing two, three or a hundred. You will generally find an online booking service that offers quality at a much lower price than its competitor. It is up to you to find it, though.

All in all, choosing between regular agencies and online services is a choice that only you can make. There is no right or wrong, only what you want in terms of quality and services and how much time you have on your hands to spend on research.

The Battle Has Changed For Online Travel Agencies

Now, regular agency offices realized how they lost the market share in time against online travel agencies and decided to develop their own in-house tools and web applications. This is where big data gets involved. They tend to mix up their traditional services with online world and make a difference in online business. You can book a room with an agency via their web sites and still get their services such as problems with the hotels or relocating from one hotel to another in case of an unpleasent stay.

Most travel agencies decided to develop their in-house software in the long run and hired a software developer. We know that many travel agencies are now going this path and trying to get ready for a new battle in the online world.

We will wait and see the outcomes and how big data will affect the transform of travel industry.

So what do you think? Let us know if you have any idea how this will affect the industries and businesses world-wide.

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