Online Travel Agencies

Business is defined as an organization that is involved in the trade of goods or services. It may be started with the primary objective of making money, commonly known as profit business or it may be beginning with a goal of extending services to the people and not making the profit, also known as a not-for-profit organization. A travel agency, on the other hand, is known as a private or public service organization that extends travel and tours services to people.

Business today is more like an online travel agency. Unlike in the past when you had to use a bus or plane that would spend days on the way to go and trade goods in other countries, you just need an internet enabled device like a PC or a smartphone today, and you start conducting your business in just a minute and anywhere. It can be from home, workplace or even when traveling. We also have what is known as online trading or e-commerce where you just make an online order by sending an email, send the money electronically and then get what you want without buying the air ticket. This conducting business has made it accessible for trade to take place that is why it is sometimes referred to as an online travel agency. Online business is growing fast in the developing world as the entrepreneurs need the easiest way of doing business.

Online business has advantages like saving time and money, quick transaction making, faster way of extending the customer base; it is not tiresome compared to the ordinary way of doing business. However, it has turned out to be one of the major areas where people lose lots of money from. Many con-men use it to get money for their self-interests. Hackers, scammers all take this opportunity to steal people’s money. Many online businesses have come up and only to close after a year of operation, and many ghost companies are coming up every day. Many situations have happened, like sending money after making an order, and then you never hear from the seller again, or you are instead given a fake or the different item. It has made most people to lose trust in online businesses. However, despite all the disadvantages of online business, it is still the quickest way of conducting business today and has saved many people significant sums of money that would be spent on paying for travel services, accommodation and even avoiding thieves like the highway robbers, plane hijackers. What is required is complete training and sensitization of people on how to use it so as to avoid being conned of their money. It can be through the government ICT programs, private-sector programs and even institutions that can teach the whole meaning of online business to the people.

In conclusion, business today is referred to as an online travel agency because it extends services to people at anytime and anywhere. It is sometimes referred to as business in one place.

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